Thursday, 16 July 2009

New misi shop

Since all my clay charms were starting to take over my candle shop
I decided i will open a new store, just for my charms and jewellery
Been busy making a few more pieces, im opting for quirky novelty
and classy jewellery.
Go on take a little look
See what you think for yourself

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Even more clay!

Been creating again with the polymer clay, its like a stress ball, i love it!
Looks like im food on the brain with all my charms and beads, but that seems to be what people are here you are, my newest creation :0)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

From candles to clay

With the weather being so fine recently and the school holidays upon us, today we all went to the seaside for a nice day trip. While i left hubby and kids on the beach, i took a wander around the shops, I felt a magnetism and was drawn towards a craft shop, and it was there i seen Polymer clay, Mind started to work overtime and was mentally creating things in the store of what I could do with it. And so far this is what i have created...

I'm quite pleased considering this was my 1st attempt, these a mini chocolate beads to be used as one wishes, not eaten of course!
This will be 1st of my many clay creations, I just cant stop crafting! :0)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

I do listen :0)

Well i ran a poll to see what customers wanted to see in my store
And they all said Jar Candles.

End of they day its them thats paying for it, so why not be able to choose what you want?
So Im ready and waiting to create jar candles in colour and fragrance choice of the customer. Keeps me busy and out of mischief :0)

Monday, 22 June 2009

Time for Tea? lol

I have been back creating again.
While sitting having a well deserved cuppa after cleaning out the kids bedroom i fancied something sweet to have with it as blood sugar was dwindling lol.
And there in the cupboard was my secret stash of cherry bakewells (oo im naughty)
While eating one, i thought,,,, "ooo there is an idea, why not create scented melts just like a cherry bakewell"
So off to the boiler i go, and here is what i created...and on that note back to hide the secret see you later :0)

Monday, 15 June 2009

Scented Candles and melts affordable for all

Well here i am, after having this on my "to do list" for so long, i have got round to blogging, AT LAST! lol
So what to say? I'm married with a son and i work part time, I am candle obsessed but i noticed that certain candles triggered off my asthma, so i did some research into alternate candles that emits less soot than standard paraffin wax candles, and lo and behold it was then i discovered Soy Wax.

After several trails i perfected the perfect candle for myself, as i use cotton wicks and cosmetic grade fragrance oil, so if it was safe to use on skin, it was safe to burn in a candle, and i was delighted with the result!
I then made scented soy wax tarts to use in an oil burner, before i knew it, friends and family were all asking for orders!

I noticed during research some mass manufactured candles are very expensive, and in this current climate you should still be able to buy nice things that doesn't break the bank.
So this brings me to how i started selling online, to make good quality eco friendly candles and melts affordable for all.
So why not go and take a peep at my online store? I update my products all the time and have a good choice of fragrances. If there is something you would like but don't see, email me! id be delighted to help as i love a new challenge.

Well thanks for having a read, and look forward seeing you in my online store

Please spare a few moments to complete my poll at the foot of the page
Thank you :0)